TeckTonik Developments Inc Faq’s

Cost savings are substantial. Savings range from 10-­‐30%, based on design, over conventional home construction. The main contributing factor to the reduction is the reduction in lumber requirements and reduced construction times. Construction times can range from 6-­‐8 weeks depending on design approval to move in ready.
Since using an engineered component as the main structure, the Sea-Can requires less lumber for exterior framing, resulting in a 15 - 25% reduction of lumber, which adds to the savings. As well with some changes to the NEC 2015, most of the homes can be constructed in a method of not using concrete foundations, but always having the option of conventional concrete foundations for their home.
Typical square footage of the homes range from a 1600 sq. ft., spacious open concept 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, ranch style, to a 2 story 2500 sq. ft. home. Square footage is only restricted by the property lines or bylaws. Space and design are developed with our designer and the client.
Conceptually the Sea-Can structure's external finishes will not be exposed on a TeckTonik structure. Typical finish packages will be applied such as siding, stucco, brick veneers, wood siding (horizontally or vertically), or any modern exterior finish. The interior wall of the Sea-Can can range from complete drywall finishes to an exposure of the Sea-Can wall being painted and exposed with exposed electrical conduits leaving the impression of a light industrial look. Imagination being the only limitation.
Since typical continuity bylaws prevail in most subdivisions, those become the only challenges in the developmental permit and building permit process. As well TechTonik utilizes a structural engineer for many facets of your home building process, thus easing the permitting conditions as well as the inspection process.
All of TeckTonik's designs are a customized collaboration with our designer and the client, as well as verification by the structural engineer to ensure that your home will be constructed to the highest level of quality and sustainability.
The construction time is reduced significantly with a TeckTonik home, due to the unique structural components existing by using Sea-Cans and breaking away from conventional concrete foundations - thus also reducing the environmental impacts.