About TeckTonik Developments Inc.


TeckTonik is an environmentally responsible home builder in Central Alberta, utilizing Sea-Cans as the primary structure. Although the company is new, the construction experience within this company is not. All site supervisors / construction managers are red sealed journeyman carpenters with experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction capacities.

Sea-Can home building is not a new concept, and has actually been utilized in Europe for many years. We are bringing the concept to Central Alberta with a Canadian flare for our environmental conditions, challenges, and natural location varieties.

The whole process starts with meeting our Architect / Designer. Your full engagement in the design and construction process is quintessential in having your home built exactly how you want it. We back that quality with a structural engineer’s review, as well as a Quality Assurance program that is turned over at the completion of the construction of your home.

Your visions are really the only limitations set forth for your home made from Sea-Cans. It can range from complete coverage of the Sea-Can and full exposure of the interior facade, or it can create a light industrial new age conceptual look. The breaking away from conventional home construction allows for a clients’ needs and visions to shine through in the building experience of their home.