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If you are looking for cost effective solutions for your company, we have what you’re looking for.

Welcome to TeckTonik Developments Inc.

TeckTonik Developments is transforming the industry by providing unique space management solutions for the growing demands of the housing, resort and commercial industries.

We take pride in offering steel frame modular structures which are assembled from re-purposed shipping containers. Indistinguishable from traditional constructions, our structures can be inexpensive, time saving alternatives that meet your residential, commercial or industrial project requirements. By providing excellence in design services, custom containers and fabrication, our customers receive a higher quality product that is tailored specifically to their needs.

Our capabilities in both custom design and execution allow us to exceed the constraints of conventional containers. Working with the best parts and accessories we can modify structures to accommodate numerous purposes of storage and functionality. If conventional containers won’t suffice, we can produce completely new structures to suit custom needs.